UNITAS Japanese Language School



Preparation for proceeding to higher education

For students who are planning to proceed to higher education, we provide explanatory meetings for higher education and individual consultation for preparing for application and interview tests.





Admission on recommendation

We have admission to some universities, colleges and vocational schools for recommended students.
Students with high attendance and achievements can receive a recommendation for admission to these schools.
Those receiving the recommendation can waive the entrance exam and only do an interview and submit a short essay.
Teikyo University (Tokyo)
Teikyo Heisei University(Chiba)
Teikyo Junior College (Tokyo)
Yamanashi Eiwa College (Yamanashi)
Yamanashi Gakuin University(Yamanashi) And many vocational technical colleges





Higher education achievement (2005-2008 Kofu & Tokyo)

National graduate school (Includes research students)
Kyoto University
Graduate School of Medicine

Kagoshima University
Institute of Science and Engineering

Yokohama National University
Faculty of Economics

Tsuru University
Japanese Literature

University of Yamanashi
Graduate school of Medicine and Engineering・Science of Teaching & Learning

Private graduate school
International Christian University
Division of Comparative Culture

Nihon Fukushi University
Social welfare

National university
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Nagoya Institute of Technology

Yokohama National University

Tsuru University

University of Yamanashi

Yamanashi Prefectural University

Private university
Teikyo University

Teikyo Junior College

Waseda University

Aichi University

Komazawa University

Bunka Women’s University

Bunkyo University

Nippon Institute of Technology

Shobi University

Tokyo International University

Yamanashi Gakuin University

Yamanashi Gakuin Junior College

Yamanashi Eiwa University

Transfer admission to 3rd grade
Teikyo University

Yamanashi Eiwa University

Vocational Technical College
TOYOTA Technical College Tokyo

Japan Electronics College

JTB Travel & Hotel College

Hollywood Fashion & Beauty University

Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry

Tokyo Institute of Tourism

Fuji Computer College

Bunka Fashion College

Institute of Gemology and Jewelry Art Yamanashi prefectural government

and much more…