UNITAS Japanese Language School



Things to keep in mind after arrival in Japan

National Health Insurance
Pre-college student visa holder must sign up for National Health Insurance.
In case of injury or illness, Japanese government pays 70% of medical fees at the hospital.
Japanese medical treatment fees are very high, so it's necessary to have health insurance to help students stay safe and healthy.
Short-term course students should buy traveler's insurance in their home country.
In case of illness
It is possible to become stressed or sick in a new environment.
The national health insurance card is needed at the hospital.
In case of serious injury or illness please call an ambulance (119).
Accident or criminal case
In case of accident or criminal affair, please make an emergency call to police.
Part-time job
Students entering Japan on a college student visa are permitted to work part-time for up to 28hours per week.
Please note that short-term course students are not permitted to work.
About bicycle
Each bicycle has an identifiable number in Japan.
Used bicycles should be reregistered when the owner changes.
Trash separation
Please make sure to follow the regulations of trash separation.
Each neighborhood area has different rules.