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About applications

  • Can UNITAS Japanese Language School also process visas?

    Yes, we can. UNITAS Japanese Language School is officially registered by the Japanese government, so you can apply for a visa with only the minimum required documents.

  • When can I start classes?

    Student visa holders may start classes in April, July, October, or January.

    Short-stay visa holders who have a background in Japanese studies can start classes any month.

    For details, please refer to Admissions.

  • What is the application procedure?

    For details, please refer to Admissions.

  • What do I need to apply?

    Required documents differ depending on the country. Please see below.
    List of Required Documents for Admission

  • How long does it take to apply for a student visa?

    It takes about 5 months.

    For details, please refer to Step 2 of Admissions.

  • Is there an age limit for admission?

    You must be at least 18 years old at the time of enrollment.

    Please contact us for details.

  • I have never studied Japanese before. Can I still apply?

    Yes, you can apply. However, some countries may require a history of Japanese language study, so please contact us for more information.If you cannot speak Japanese at all, please understand that while it is not impossible, you may find your classes and life in Japan quite complicated.Therefore, we recommend that you study Japanese for 150 to 200 hours before coming to Japan.

  • Is it possible to enroll in the middle of a semester?

    Student visa holders may start classes in April, July, October, or January.

    Short-stay visa holders who have a background in Japanese studies can start classes any month.

    For details, please refer to Admissions.

  • How long can I stay at the school?

    You can enroll for up to 2 years.

    For details, please refer to Step 2 of Admissions.

  • Who can be my guarantor when applying for a student visa?

    Generally, parents, siblings, and grandparents. Please contact us for more details.

  • Will I receive a refund if I withdraw from the school in the middle of my course?

    Please refer to our Refund Policy.

  • How can I pay the tuition fee?

    We accept bank transfer, Flywire, and cash payment.

    For details, please click here.

  • Is there a tuition installment plan or tuition waiver?

    We request payment of tuition for 6 months or 1 year.

    Generally, there is no tuition reduction/exemption. However, we occasionally have discounts. Please inquire with our recruiting department.

  • Are scholarships available?

    Some scholarships are available from the second year of enrollment. However, since we are a private school, we generally accept students who can afford the tuition fees.

    UNITAS Scholarship

    JASSO Scholarship

    Kyoritsu Maintenance Scholarship

About the school, classes, and UNITAS

  • Is it possible to transfer between the Kofu and Tokyo campuses?

    Usually no. However, it may be possible under certain conditions, so please consult with us.

  • What are the class hours?

    Monday through Friday (except holidays)

    We have 4 classes of 45 minutes each per day

    Morning class: 9:00am-12:30pm (intermediate and advanced level)

    Afternoon class: 1:00pm – 4:30pm (beginner level)

  • How many students are in each class?

    The maximum number of students is 20, per class, but the average is 10~15 students.

  • Can I choose my own class?

    Unfortunately, you cannot choose your own class.

    It is determined by the result of the placement test taken after enrollment.

  • Do you use foreign languages to teach in class?

    We teach Japanese directly in Japanese.

  • What are the nationalities of the students?

    Traditionally, UNITAS is a multinational Japanese language school that accepts students from over 40 different countries.

    Kofu School: A very multinational Japanese language school with a large number of students not only from Asia, but also from Europe, the United States, and Latin America.

    Tokyo School: A multinational Japanese language school, but recently, due to its explosive popularity in China, the percentage of Chinese students has increased.

  • Do you offer courses for entrance into universities and graduate schools?

    Yes, students can take elective courses for entrance into universities or graduate schools (for advanced classes only).

  • Are there courses for finding a job in Japan?

    We do not have a course dedicated to finding a job, but we do provide students who wish to do so with individual guidance and workshops for job-hunting after class.

  • Can you introduce me to part-time jobs?

    The school will support you in finding a part-time job.

  • Is there Wi-Fi available at the school?

    Yes, there is.

  • Is it possible to visit and directly consult with the school before enrollment?

    Yes. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Who should I consult if I have any problems outside of class?

    If you have any questions or problems outside of class, please consult the school staff.

About students residences

  • Does the school have a dormitory?

    No, but we will introduce you to a shared house, apartment, homestay, etc. if you wish.

  • How much do student residences cost?

    Please refer to Student Residences for reference.

    Also, please feel free to contact us.

  • Can I use Wi-Fi in the student residences?

    Wi-Fi is available in most residences, but in rare cases it is not available.

    Please contact us for details.

  • What facilities and furniture are provided in the residences?

    It depends on the property. Please contact us for details.

  • How far is the school from the dormitories, homestays, guesthouses, and weekly apartments?

    It depends on the property. Please contact us for details.


  • When should I prepare my flight ticket to Japan?

    After obtaining a student visa or a short-stay visa, please arrange your flight in time for your first day of school.

    However, if you arrive in Japan more than one week before school, it will affect your next visa renewal.

    We recommend that you enter Japan one week prior to school.

  • How much cash should I bring with me when I go to Japan?

    It may take time to open a bank account, so we recommend that you bring about ¥200,000 in cash.

  • How much is the monthly cost of living in Japan?

    It depends on your lifestyle, but please see below for your reference.

    Kofu Tokyo
    Food costs ¥25,000-¥50,000 ¥30,000-¥50,000
    Rent ¥15,000-¥30,000 ¥35,000-¥80,000
    Other ¥10,000-¥30,000 ¥25,000-¥50,000
    Total ¥50,000-¥110,000 ¥90,000-¥180,000
  • Do I need to study Japanese before going to Japan?

    Depending on your nationality and educational background, proof of prior study of at least 150 hours may be required to apply for a student visa. Please contact us for details.

    Also, please make sure to learn at least Hiragana and Katakana before attending classes.

    To ensure that you start your life in Japan without any difficulty, we recommend 150-200 hours of Japanese studies.