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We believe that the studies at UNITAS Japanese Language School and Foreign Language Academy, will provide the flexibility to respond to various situations in the global community, and cultivate the ability to contribute to the formation of a sustainable society and the power to take action, as indicated by the SDGs.

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, it has been difficult for people to travel across countries. In such circumstances however, I believe that we have once again been able to observe ourselves through international exchange, confirm the importance of firmly finding common ground as global citizens, and have time to think about what we should do from our respective standpoints in the future. We will continue to support our students to expand their possibilities for the future through language education and cross-cultural exchange.

Chairman of Teikyo University・President of UNITAS CO., LTD.

Yoshihito Okinaga

UNITAS was established in 1970 with the aim of fostering global citizens through language education, and students from many countries study here.

We hope that students studying at our school will be exposed to various aspects of Japanese culture –including literature and art— through the study of Japanese language, see the country and its people their own eyes, without prejudice or preconceived notions.

As a result, we hope that through studying in Japan, students will have the opportunity to think about themselves, think about the world, and create their own sense of values.

Fortunately, students from over 40 countries gather at UNITAS Japanese Language School, creating an environment where it is possible to study not only Japan but also various other countries.

We will continue to make various exciting attempts to provide opportunities for students to meet as many wonderful Japanese people and students from other countries as possible, and make sure that all students are well-prepared for daily life, higher education, and employment so that they can achieve their desired goals.

Chairman and Principal of UNITAS Japanese Language School

Kazuhiko Ueda

Since we started teaching in a single classroom in Tokyo, we continue to emphasize communication with students.

Recently, remote learning such as online classes have been added to the mix. As international technology advances, communication will become more important, and we hope to produce human resources that can contribute to society both virtually and in the real world.

Principal of UNITAS Japanese Language School Tokyo

Yukihisa Masuyama