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What is UNITAS Japanese Language School?

UNITAS Japanese Language School is operated by the Teikyo University Group, which is one of the largest private universities in Japan with a long history, and owns 39 universities and schools around the world. The school has a history of more than 50 years and more than 10,000 students from over 40 countries have studied the Japanese language at the school. Today, UNITAS Japanese Language School continues to be highly regarded by students and institutions in many countries.

6Reasons to Choose UNITAS Japanese Language School

  • 1

    A Japanese language school that can recommend students to Teikyo University

    In order for international students to enter a Japanese university, it is generally necessary to obtain a certain score on the EJU examination.

    However, being part of the Teikyo University Group, at UNITAS Japanese Language School students have the opportunity to enter Teikyo University through recommendation and an interview without taking the EJU.

    In addition, students who enter Teikyo University through this program will receive a 30%-50% discount on university tuition for four years.

  • 2

    Learn Japanese in a multicultural environment

    UNITAS Japanese Language School is a multinational Japanese language school that accepts students from over 40 countries.

    The Kofu campus, in particular, is unique even among its counterparts all across Japan, where students study in a vastly multicultural environment.

    In addition to the Japanese language school, UNITAS also operates a foreign language academy focusing mainly on English, so students who wish to learn English or other foreign languages can take classes with native instructors of each language at a special rate. (Only at UNITAS Kofu)

    In addition, students have the opportunity to interact with local high school students in Japan and engage with Japanese people.

    In such ways, the school offers both local and global experiences. (Only at UNITAS Kofu)

  • 3

    A Japanese language school where you can receive the highest standard of language education.

    UNITAS Japanese Language School is one of the best Japanese language schools in Japan for advancing into higher education. Every year, many of our graduates are accepted into the most prestigious universities in Japan, including Tokyo University. (UNITAS Tokyo)

    This is due to the fact that our instructors are carefully selected through a rigorous recruitment process, and use a lean and refined curriculum based on many years of experience. *Please refer to the school's academic achievements.

  • 4

    Receive language education at an affordable tuition fee

    Tuition fees at UNITAS Japanese Language School are more affordable than those at other schools.This is because UNITAS Japanese Language School is operated by a university, and we offer reasonable tuition based on our philosophy of providing more opportunities for students to learn Japanese.

  • 5

    Choose a campus based on your budget and preferences

    UNITAS Japanese Language School operates two campuses in Japan, UNITAS Kofu and UNITAS Tokyo.

    For those who want to study in a beautiful school building, with multinational students, in a friendly but quiet environment surrounded by nature, or if you want to save on living costs, our Kofu campus is the place for you! It takes only 90 minutes from the Kofu campus to Tokyo by train, so you can enjoy the metropolis on weekends!

    If you like living in a big city, want to study in a convenient location, or just want to live in the heart of Tokyo, UNITAS Japanese Language School Tokyo is for you! Our Tokyo campus is located in the center of Shinjuku, in the heart of Tokyo. In other words, it is an environment where you can learn Japanese and live in the center of the big city of Tokyo at the same time.

  • 6

    Reliable support in line with each student from enrollment to post-graduation goals

    Not only is UNITAS Japanese Language School strong in advancing students into higher education and enrolling students into Teikyo University through recommendation; with students from varying nationalities, there are students who wish to find employment in Japan. We also provide full support for such students.

    In addition, students can expect extensive support from the time they enroll until they achieve their goals after graduation, including support for finding part-time jobs, student residences and other extracurricular activities, as well as support in other issues during their study abroad experience.

    Aspiring to foster advanced global human resources, UNITAS Japanese Language School aims to be an educational institution that goes beyond the boundaries of a language school, and we are confident in recommending it as one of the best Japanese language schools in Japan, not only in terms of course content but also in all aspects of the school's management.

Original Character


This logo was created in conjunction with the relocation of UNITAS Japanese Language School (Kofu) to a new building in 2017.
Based on the letter "U," the first letter of UNITAS, the logo combines people surrounding the earth and a speech bubble to represent conversation, expressing the concept of UNITAS as a place where people from all over the world gather and interact with each other.

Unitan (Original character of UNITAS)

The motif is a lion, with the mane divided into 5 parts symbolizing 5 continents, and the nose in the center of the face representing Japan. It expresses a place for Japanese learners from around the world and “a place where people from around the world gather.”